Our Values

Very (go the extra mile)

We go the extra mile in everything we do. Our passion is evident in our commitment to forge ahead with our vision to combat food and packaging waste.

Nice (do the right thing)

It’s all about doing the right thing – by our customers, suppliers, team, people and of course, the planet! We realise that our actions have a wide impact…so we must be nice 🙂

Idea (challenge the status quo)

We challenge the status quo. Doing things a certain way just because everyone else is doing it is not good enough. We do what we do in the way we do it because we truly believe it is the best option.

A Very Nice Idea is values driven. Our decisions are assessed against our values, so much so that the values make up the name of the company! We are proud to uphold our values and invite others to do the same.

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