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Is the packaging compostable?

Absolutely! Please do compost the packaging. If you don’t have access to a compost bin please send us the packaging back and we will compost for you.

Do I need to add onion and garlic when I use the curry and tagine kits?

No, it has onion and garlic powder in it, but if you like fresh onions by all means add them as it will taste even better!

The packaging is a little fragile. Can you make it more robust?

We understand this can be frustrating and ask for your patience on this, although the packages rarely break. There are very few companies that produce compostable food grade packaging in the UK so our options are limited. We feel strongly that we must take steps towards a waste free future and feel the compromise is worth it. If we can make compostable packaging the norm more compostable packaging options will become available. Join the crusade!

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