Effortless home cooking

10 minutes prep time

Homemade blends

We take the hard work out of home cooking

Just add fresh ingredients

Flexible to your dietary requirements

How it works

We do the hard work for you and deliver to your door

our handmade blends are designed to make mealtimes easy

You add readily available fresh ingredients

according to your lifestyle, diet and budget

Spend ten minutes preparing your meal

so you can spend more time doing the things you want to

Monthly subscription & gift vouchers

we choose a selection for you each month

Shops for individual products

choose your products from our shop

What our customers say

The curry was phenomenal!! I’m from India and missing home cooking so having the curry kit was awesome. I rubbed it into some lamb with enough yogurt to make a paste and roasted in a low oven (150C) for the afternoon. Dinner went down well!

Excellent flavour and very easy to make.

It was very simple to make and the flexibility of the products meant I could use up what I already had at home.

We make delicious blends and deliver to your door

We do the hard work for you

You add fresh ingredients

According to your diet, lifestyle and budget

You cook a delicious meal

With just 10 minutes prep time

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